Charlotte's Tip of the Month

Know How to Paraphrase

One of the best ways to avoid plagiarism (illegal copying of other source material) is knowing how to paraphrase. When you paraphrase, you take another person’s words and ideas, but express them in your own way. However, many people think they are paraphrasing when in fact they are still plagiarizing.

Avoiding Plagiarism

A new school year is almost here for many students, so let’s think about a HUGE rule everyone must follow: do not plagiarize! First, you have to know what plagiarism means. To plagiarize is to copy someone else’s words or ideas without giving that person credit. We can’t copy from…

Present Tense Verbs Are Tricky!

Let’s simplify verb tense. Verb tenses tell WHEN something happens. That is all the tenses do. If the action is in present tense, it exists in the present; if the action is in the past tense, it already happened. Other verb tenses exist, but don’t worry about those right now.