Charlotte's Tip of the Month

Better Sentence Beginnings

Avoid starting sentences with “It” and “There.” It is …  It was … There is …  There are … There was …  There were … All of these are vague ways to start a sentence. Why? You make your reader guess what you…

Plural Rules

Most times, simply add an “s” at the end of the word. Example: Apple – Apples If the word ends in “y” and the letter before the “y” is a consonant, drop the “y” and add “ies.” Example: Family – Families…

Then vs. Than

This is an extremely common and popular grammatical error. THEN has an element of TIME attached to it. For example, it can mean “next Wednesday” or “next week”. Example: We will finish the homework assignment, then we will go to the ice skating rink.