The Power of Great Speakers

Become One of the Greats!

Public speaking is cited as a top fear for people of all ages. Adults are often uncomfortable with public speaking at their jobs or in social situations. Many if not most students dread standing in front of class to give an oral report or speech.

SpiderSmart’s Summer Public Speaking Course will give students what they need to succeed!

Great speakers possess confidence and passion; they know they have the ability and skill to deliver an effective speech with a strong, clear goal.

  • Abraham Lincoln sought to hold the country together and inspire people that the war was worth fighting.
  • Sojourner Truth could not read, but her ideas and speeches inspire us over centuries.
  • Susan B. Anthony strove to convince the country that women should be equal citizens with equal rights.
  • Mahatma Gandhi spoke eloquently to free his countrymen from colonialism and make the world a better place.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. roused millions with his thunderous speeches, the texts of which are still studied and revered.

They all wanted freedom, and freedom is often the driving belief for so many great speakers, but students will use the power of expression and speech in many common ways to succeed in their daily lives and school.

Group projects in class require cooperation but need a leader who can speak with authority. Learning the elements of debating gives students more persuasive power. Teachers are impressed by students with confident verbal delivery.

A great student speaker can stand out among peers, motivate others, impress adults, and be confident no matter the situation.

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