A Fresh Start

Have you made a resolution for yourself for 2024? Many people make promises to themselves to exercise regularly, start healthy eating, or study harder. Often, big promises result in disappointment because our ideas are larger than our capabilities. What can we do to keep focused and improve ourselves as we have a fresh start this year?

How can we keep our resolutions and meet those goals that we dream of achieving? One way is by starting small. Don’t reach for the summit of a mountain overnight. Baby steps will ultimately evolve into resolutions and promises that will not vanish in a few weeks’ time. That leads to the question: How can we keep our resolutions?

First, don’t beat yourself up about failed resolutions; have some compassion and understanding for yourself and realize that no one is perfect. Take deep breaths and try again. It is important to have a personal cheering squad of family and friends to provide support. Let them know what you are trying to accomplish and get their support. Finally, create a reward system for those achievable smaller goals. Instead of a long-range reward at the end of reaching your goal, set short-term goals that are achievable. You will build your confidence that it can be done!

With this fresh start, dare to dream, set those goals, and remember to reward yourself!