Reading More Is a Superpower!

The More Students Read, the Stronger they Become

We all know reading is good and that becoming a good reader is a necessary part of being successful in school and in careers later in life. Let’s break down five main ways writing is a superpower.


Being able to discuss books—whether stories, biographies, or scientific material—and write about this information with skill, increases student confidence. This stronger self-esteem allows students to speak up in classes, trade ideas with other students and teachers, and offer personal opinions.

Improved Concentration

Reading a book is an exercise in concentration. Students develop the ability to focus on topics as they read and entertain the ideas contained in the reading material. Many new ideas are introduced to the attentive reader, and these ideas must be retained and processed before being discussed in class or written about in essays.

Critical and Analytical Thinking Skills

Students will encounter a wide range of new concepts in books. Reading a mystery invites the reader to consider the clues. A fantasy novel describes a new world with odd rules and amazing creatures that challenge the imagination. A biography requires readers to put themselves in a different time and place, as do all historical books. Science as a topic teaches many concepts along with terms and laws to discuss them in a logical way. These are just some examples of skills that are required for any field of study or career.

Stronger Memory Skills

Students of all ages increase their ability to retain what they read. This might be about characters and their motivations or a set of facts and data in a non-fiction book. All reading leads to stronger memory skills that benefit group projects, class discussions, and test-taking abilities.

Expanded Vocabulary

Students who read a lot will absolutely expand their vocabulary. They know more words and how to use them effectively. This in turn builds confidence and the ability to communicate, whether verbally or in writing, that a student will use daily in school and life in general.

These are some basic ways reading more leads our SpiderSmart students to gaining a true superpower to make them stronger in every part of life!