SpiderSmart Rockville Teacher

Ms. Chaitali

Ms. Chaitali has been working with our beloved SpiderSmart, Inc. since 2019 in our Rockville, MD center. Chaitali’s specialty is Early Learning—particularly number sense and phonemic awareness. She employs various methodologies based on her 9-year-old daughter’s growth and experience as a Montgomery County student at Farmland Elementary, as well as numerous creative, innovative pedagogies acquired through her extensive work 7 days a week with SpiderSmart of Rockville.

Chaitali has a great passion for teaching her students the building blocks of each sentence and for solving every type of math problem. She loves analyzing grammar through engaging lessons and working with students ages 4-7 because they are so dynamic at this age. Perhaps her favorite part of her role as a teacher is helping her students express themselves through writing out a thought for the very first time. Ms. Chaitali believes in teaching her students to master addition and subtraction facts, as well as to memorize fact families. Another central goal for her Early Learning students is to grasp sentence construction and how to write several descriptions of a picture.

One of her greatest joys is seeing the awakenings that her pre-K students and Kindergarteners have each lesson.  She loves to see students grasp a concept and feel empowered! She is flexible in following any lesson plan and collaborates with both families and classroom teachers to ensure the right, most well-curated path to progress. Her cheerful, positive enthusiasm is contagious, and students love Ms. Chaitali’s high-energy approach to teaching her lessons.  

In her own words, “The thing I like most about teaching is my students. I love interacting with them. I love showing students that learning can be fun and that they can trust me to help them however I can.”