The Awesome Roald Dahl

Here is a student’s opinion of popular children’s author, Roald Dahl, and why he continues to be so entertaining and important.

Roald Dahl is an author who writes children’s books about a wide spread of topics, from growing tortoises to a floating peach with living insects inside. Roald Dahl’s books are so good that some of his books, if not all, are worldwide. Three reasons why children like Roald Dahl’s books are because his books target children, the stories are interesting, and they have good morals.

Roald Dahl writes and markets the books so children will want to read them. For example, most of his covers are drawn unrealistically to make it look less scary and more playful. Also, his covers use bright colors and avoid neutral colors to appeal to children. The back of the book makes a simple summary so it adds some excitement and mystery to make children want to read it. Roald Dahl tries to make his books stand out in order to get children to read his book.

Roald Dahl also writes stories that will attract children. For example, he knows that children like chocolate and candies, so he wrote about Willy Wonka to get children interested in the book. Also, he adds a lot of action to make children read on. Roald Dahl writes books to get children interested.

Roald Dahl’s stories not only entertain children, but also teach them. For example, Danny the Champion of The World is a book about Danny, a young child, stealing pheasants from a nearby forest and giving them away at the end. The moral of the story, like most of Roald Dahl’s stories, is that being evil, in any way, is bad because at the end, Mr. Hazell, a greedy person, leaves town and everyone is happy. Roald Dahl’s books tell children good morals while making them interested.

Three ways Roald Dahl gets children to read his books are by targeting children, writing the books to get their attention, and adding clear morals to them. While his books are enjoyable and most people read them for fun, it’s still good to find morals. Morals can, in the long run, help you be successful. Next time you read a book, always try to find the moral of the book.

-Bili, Grade 6