Benefits of Summer Reading

Summer is sun, fun, and relaxation, right? It is supposed to be a break from school, learning, and books. However, consider the advantages of reading through the summer.

Our brains never stop learning, so give them something to dwell on and digest, strengthening reading comprehension and boosting your memory skills at the same time. While you are lounging around the pool, grab a good book and take an adventure in the intoxicating sunshine.

All through the school year students are told what to read and when to read in school. Summer reading is a great time for reluctant readers to dive in and find that niche that interests them. Science fiction? Sure! A suspenseful mystery? Why not! Students will discover that having some control over their choices and finding an adventure waiting for them may really pique their interest in reading and be of great value in the upcoming school year.

Finally, what we call the summer brain drain. Simply, a lack of summer reading dulls students’ minds, creating an unnecessary weakness in the new school year. Regular reading creates a foundation for academic success. Any reading enhances our basic reading skills of phonics, fluency, spelling, comprehension, and vocabulary. Children who read regularly through the summer will not only enter the next grade level ready to go, but they may also find themselves in a position of being above their grade level.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab that towel, ice water, and a new book! Enjoy your summer and keep that brain active while at the same time avoiding brain drain! New school year, here we come!