Earth Month

Our Students Lead the Way!

April is Earth Month—including National Parks Week, Arbor Day, and Earth Day—so schools and classes around the world are celebrating with competitions, games, festivals, and activities that teach how to help our planet have a healthier future.

Kids love Earth Month because they can dig in the dirt, plant a garden or a tree, study the weather, pick up trash, make people aware of recycling, experiment with solar and wind energy, or just take a slow walk through a pretty park.  So many schools participate in these popular activities!

Did you know that major corporations have joined the effort? Special programs for Earth Month have been started by Patagonia, Apple, IKEA, Google, and Adidas. The companies see how helping to protect the planet is directly related to their own interests and the satisfaction of their customers. They can make the same products with less pollution and more recycling to reach a sustainable level benefiting the environment.

SpiderSmart knows that a student’s reading and writing skills will be used as one of the best methods for helping the planet. Read about important environmentalists, nature, and how the environment works. Knowledge is the basis for action, so the more students learn and can then write effectively to communicate their ideas and goals, the better. The goal of creating a healthier planet is shared by scientists, artists, businesspeople, and entrepreneurs, so we want our students to be prepared to lead the way in this ongoing movement.

Our children are already immersed in a world of smart phones and video games, so taking some time to devote to learning, reading, and writing about our planet is more important than ever.

We all live on the same planet and breathe the same air, so let’s work together to make a brighter and stronger Earth!