Generation to Generation

The first SpiderSmart center opened in 1989 in Annandale, VA. Bustling with students of all ages, the center functioned without the Internet or even computers. One of our early students, Lisa, attended the center with her sister in the 1990s. Last year she enrolled her son at our Tysons Corner Learning Center.

Of SpiderSmart, Lisa says, “I only have the most endearing and fond memories of my experience there. Like a second home, it was a happy place of my childhood.”

She attended the Annandale center for years, studying in the Reading & Writing and Math programs, and then taking SAT Prep while in high school. Once she graduated high school, Lisa enrolled at the University of Virginia and has gone on to a successful career as a CPA. Even during those university years, Lisa recalls, “Through college and after college years, Mrs. Jung and some of the teachers remained as our mentors.”

Now that her son, currently a bright second grader, is at Tysons, Lisa says, “I know this is the place I can trust my son’s academic growth and wellbeing. I am so glad that my children can learn and grow in the center as well as I did when I was growing up.”

We at SpiderSmart are so honored and proud to serve our communities, and we love to see our students move on to academic and professional success. Lisa returning a generation later with another young mind to strengthen is a testament to the power of the SpiderSmart Way!