SpiderSmart’s Summer Equation

Hot Days + Cool Books = Big Brains

We know, we know—it’s summer and school’s out and there’s so much fun to have!

True. Taking a break from homework and quizzes is great, and necessary.

Still, you can keep reading books. You can read more books. You can read casually almost anywhere you go. Read between other activities. Read when you’re bored or tired of games or TV or you’re not seeing any friends that day.

We simply ask you to keep reading in your rotation of activities this summer, whether you’re reading to learn about a topic you’re interested in or to go on an adventure of the imagination with characters you love. 

  • Want to know more about stars and planets or dinosaurs or rain forests? It’s all in a book.
  • Want to enter a fantasy land full of vile monsters and amazing magic? There’s a tale for that.
  • Want to become entangled with a mystery full of suspense? Those thrillers are awaiting.
  • Want to discover the life story of an esteemed leader or sports figure or pop singer or fighter for justice in real life? Find the biography and learn all about that person.
  • Want to take a trip back into history with characters and events that come to life? Yes, there are many stories to take you there.

So many books and stories are waiting for you out there and reading them will keep you sharp over the summer slump months. Reinforce your reading comprehension, build your vocabulary, strengthen your critical thinking skills, and definitely have some bigtime fun this summer.

Reading on your own can do all that for you, and SpiderSmart is here to help!