The Need to Read

Motivation for Summer Reading

Yes, it’s summer, and we change routines, enjoy some relaxation, but also need to keep busy and not waste days doing nothing. Here’s a little SpiderSmart motivation for our students….

Hey Students!

  • Read on the couch, read in the park, read in the car, read in your room, read on the porch, read in a tree, read on a bus, read on the beach. You get the idea.
  • Read a variety of books. Read your favorite series, discover new authors, bond with new characters, seek out fresh plots.
  • Read about geography (pick a country, pick a terrain).
  • Learn some astronomy (quasars, black holes, comets).
  • Uncover history (Roman or Persian empires, the Ming dynasty).
  • Peruse colorful graphic novels (so many great ones have come out the past few years).
  • Discover facts about your favorite animals (elephants, dolphins, platypuses).
  • Expand your list of amazing heroes (sports, politics, civil rights, scientists, musicians).
  • Learn about government and civics (elections, laws, voting).
  • Walk into a fantasy world (dragons, fairies, wizards, magic).
  • Delve into biographies (almost anyone famous enough you can think of from any time and any country).

It’s all out there waiting for you in books. Be an explorer without leaving home or getting your shoes muddy. Read, keep reading, and read some more!