Honesty Is the Best Policy

These five words, uttered by Benjamin Franklin, have endured time, and still represent a fundamental insightfulness to every aspect of life.

For us here at SpiderSmart, the word honesty is represented by our work as educators. We bring our best knowledge to the students and in return we expect that the students exhibit academic honesty in their assignments, writing from their minds and hearts, giving credit where credit is due, and not plagiarizing and taking someone else’s hard work as their own. Sometimes, it is a challenge to make the right decision; however, it is always beneficial to be honest, a trait that will envelop a student through their lives as they grow into adulthood.

Sometimes, you may think, why do I need to be so honest, who is going to know if I am not? I can copy just a little bit, and no one will know. Let me tell you who will know. YOU will know, and you will carry that with you, always wondering if you could have done it on your own without using someone else’s words. Correct, you may not be caught by a teacher, mom, or professor, but you will always know that you displayed dishonesty in your work. Think of how proud you will be if you push yourself as hard as you can to finish a challenging assignment and get a great grade. An honest B is always better than a dishonest A.

When you feel the pressure of trying to get something done and consider copying another’s words, imagine Benjamin Franklin whispering in your ear, “Honesty is the Best Policy.”