How Can a Learning Center Simulate a Classroom?

Photo courtesy of woodleywonderworks

Successful teachers use innovative techniques in sparking classroom engagement, but how do we maintain these methods for students outside of the classroom? Parents often have trouble teaching their children in the way that mirrors a standard academic environment. At our SpiderSmart learning centers, we worked to find a solution to the disconnect. 

Process + Review 

With each teaching station set-up, teachers can give students exposure to a real-life classroom simulation. However, students also get one-on-one attention as well as collaborative group work with friends and peers. Students can access dry-erase boards to work out problems, use visual arts materials to make original projects, and read books of their choice while still receiving focused guidance and feedback on their work. And it doesn’t stop there. 

After grading, our teachers have an open discussion with students in order to review their work. Students then have the opportunity to use the feedback to revise their work in class. The revision process becomes a key component of the student’s session so that the student can see why they made the mistakes that they did and how to avoid them next time. Before they know it, they start to see huge improvements in their work in just a few sessions!

The Outcome

The outcome of SpiderSmart’s step-by-step learning philosophy is that our students receive a meaningful, educational session with our teachers. During this time, they have had opportunities to ask questions, practice essential skills, and learn from their mistakes. They start to build a strong foundation of knowledge in all academic core subjects. They gain valuable insight that helps them grow as learners and use their new skills in their own classrooms. Our students are given the rights tools to strengthen their pedagogical realms with confidence and independence. Finally, they develop a lifelong love of learning!

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