The SpiderSmart Difference

When the SpiderSmart vision was born, we knew we had to find a way to naturally recreate what our students experience at school in our learning centers. We designed a structured learning plan to give our students the same interactivity, group work, and multi-resource learning that our students get at school.

What Stands Us Apart

For our classes, we avoid simply putting students in separate rooms and handing them worksheets to be completed by a certain time. We teach K- 12 and ESOL students in classrooms that look very much like their own ones at school. We want our programs to be diverse, interactive, and of course, fun! We understand that while students may take tests alone in school, creating the foundation of lifelong learning is not a solitary act—it’s communicative, creative, and multi-layered. 

We incorporate modern technology and teaching methods into our curriculum for all different ages and levels. Many of our instructors are certified teachers or involved in higher education, so students get an authentic and valuable educational experience. 

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